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  1. Benghazi hearing heats up social media

    Lauren Ashburn weighs in

  2. Media Matters , 'Stand Your Ground' and me

    Media Matters’ Founder David Brock showed no shame when he was caught illegally using guns for his own personal protection . Indeed, Media Matters’ continues to lash...

  3. Tax-exempt Media Matters ramps up support for Obama during election year

    President Obama has received a steady drumbeat of support from Media Matters for America as he shifts into campaigner-in-chief mode. A content analysis by The Daily ...

  4. Is Media Matters an Attack Dog for Obama Administration?

    FBN’s Lou Dobbs on the liberal bias of Media Matters and its support of the Obama Administration.

  5. Emails show Justice working with Media Matters on stories that target critics

    Newly published emails show the top spokeswoman at the U.S. Justice Department regularly collaborating with the liberal advocacy group Media Matters on stories that ...

  6. Media Matters' link to Obama's super PAC

    Media Matters' founder heads a super Pac that works with president's super PAC.

  7. Dobbs Takes on Media Matters Over Immigration

    FBN’s Lou Dobbs questions Media Matters ’ alleged facts in the immigration debate.

  8. Media Matters , David Brock and the War on Fox News

    I had breakfast with Media Matters founder David Brock about 6 months ago to talk about his efforts to strengthen the Democratic party -- efforts that I fully suppor...

  9. Media Matters document reportedly detailed plan to target Fox News staff

    Liberal media watchdog group Media Matters once contemplated harassing Fox News employees with yard signs in their neighborhoods, hiring private investigators to dig...

  10. Media Matters 'War' on Fox News Brings New Scrutiny on Tax-Exempt Status

    The chorus is growing for the IRS to scrutinize Media Matters' tax-exempt status as the left-leaning media watchdog group wages a "war" on Fox News. Recent questions...

  11. Media Matters received $50,000 grant to scrutinize religious media

    Media Matters for America, the liberal media watchdog -- under the spotlight in a weeklong series by The Daily Caller -- was instructed by a donor to scrutinize reli...

  1. Tax Exemption Double Standard?

    American Campaign Academy denied Media Matters' status

  2. Mainstream Media Ignores MMA’s War on Fox

    Ann Coulter weighs in

  3. Media Matters Under Scrutiny

    Ann Coulter weighs in

  4. A Look at Media Matters' Leadership

    Juan Williams takes a look at the background of Media Matters' executive vice president

  5. Is Media Matters Breaking the Law?

    File taxes as 501(3)(c), but are they?

  6. Media Matters for America is resisting SEIU's effort to unionize its staff

    Media Matters for America is apparently resisting an effort by Service Employees International Union Local 500 to unionize its staff.Last week, the union filed a rep...

  7. Deepening divide over climate change sparks fierce debate

    In the climate change debate, believers and skeptics alike have vastly different opinions based on widely divergent facts.That was illustrated by Wednesday's release...

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