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Margaret Hoover

Best of 'Cultural Warriors' in No Spin Zone

Bill's most memorable moments with Gretchen Carlson and Margaret Hoover

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    Brad Pitt's jaw-dropping media tour

  2. Left, Right & Center

    Is there already discord between Obama and his base?

  3. Power Shift

    Can Bill play second fiddle to Hillary?

  4. The Pundit Pit

    Debating the tax plans of the two candidates

  5. Graphic Warning

    Shocking video of Taliban executing couple accused of cheating

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    Sexual assault charges appropriate?

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    Debate over actresses' remarks

  8. Jennifer Aniston: Women Don't Need Men to Have Kids

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    Amsterdam shutting down brothels and pot shops in effort to crack down on crime

  10. Nearly Nude GQ Cover

    Is Jennifer Aniston's racy cover a bad career move for the all-American actress?

  1. Critics Slam MTV Show as Child Porn

    'Skins' deemed too explicit for TV for showing teen sexuality and drug use

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    Rich folks who aren't worried about 'spreading the wealth'

  3. 'Factor' Culture Warriors

    Will gay marriage withstand constitutional challenge in California?

  4. Left, Right & Center

    Will the RNC get its act together?

  5. Moving Left?

    Is America heading for socialism?

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    Bacon latest target of food police

  7. Naked Truth?

    Oregon woman claims cops are OK with her walking around nude