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Major Garrett

Profound Loss

FOX News correspondent Major Garrett talks about the impact Tony Snow had on FNC viewers

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  1. Pleading for Patience

    President Obama has been blowing off steam after facing a lot of heat lately

  2. Big Brother

    Is Obama administration respecting your privacy?

  3. Secretary Robert Gates to Retire in 2011

    Will leave post before midterm election

  4. GOP Blocks Campaign Disclosure Bill

    Failure of finance reform could be another blow to Democrats' midterm momentum

  5. Cutting to the Chase

    President Obama and President Medvedev come to nuclear agreement during Obama's visit to Russia

  6. Worst Is Behind Us?

    Obama addresses better-than-expected unemployment numbers

  7. 'My Mom Doesn't Have Papers'

    Second grader puts first lady on the spot

  8. Obama's Religion Becomes Topic of Discussion

    Polling finds increase in number of Americans who believe president is Muslim

  9. Searching for the Silver Lining

    President Obama promises better times ahead for Gulf region

  10. Unlikely Critics?

    Liberals grow increasingly restless with Obama

  11. Culture Wars Reemerge Ahead of Midterms

    Will hot-button social issues supplant the economy at the polls?

  12. Treading Carefully

    Economic implications of President Obama's trip to China

  1. 'What's the Status'?

    FOX News' Major Garrett re-opens Internet privacy dialogue with Robert Gibbs

  2. 'Ask Major'

    Final installment of Major Garrett's video blog

  3. 'What Took You So Long?'

    FOX News' Major Garrett presses President Obama on toughening stance on Iranian protests

  4. Vatican Visit

    President Obama meets with Pope Benedict XVI after G8 summit

  5. FOX Is Not Hated

    President Obama answers Major Garrett's questions about Iran

  6. Healthy Honesty?

    Questions about truthfulness of some of Obama's health care statements

  7. Crunching the Federal Numbers

    How large is America's deficit?

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