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Is the premise of my next movie, 'Persecuted' really so far-fetched?

Recently, I was honored to appear as a guest on my friend Larry King’s show on Ora TV/RTV, talking about my next movie "Persecuted" which hits theaters this summer. Larry and I have known each other for years and it was great to see him in action once again.I was both pleased and surprised when he looked into the camera and bodily predicted that "Persecuted" was going to be a major hit. I think he may be right and, as someone who has spent time in both Hollywood and Washington, I look forward to Americans getting a look at this triller that mixes religion and politics.But even though the film hasn’t even been released yet, it’s already garnering criticism from some who scoff at the very notion that Christians in America today might be persecuted or that the kind of law that is passed in the film – one that demands that any pronouncements from a religious leader on TV must be balanced by the views of an opposing religion – could ever gain traction in the US.I’m not so sure they’re right...

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