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Jake Tapper on The Oil Spill

ABC News’ Jake Tapper on the administration’s handling of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

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  1. Jake Tapper on Goldman Sachs Hearings

    ABC News’ Jake Tapper on the investment banks’ hearings on Capitol Hill.

  2. Jake Tapper to Obama: 'Where have you been' on gun control?

    President Obama gives gun control remarks in wake of the Newtown tragedy

  3. Jake Tapper and White House Spar Over Medicare Question

    Things get heated

  4. Jake Tapper on Relief Efforts in Haiti

    ABC News’ Jake Tapper on the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti and the beginning of the relief efforts.

  5. Jake Tapper on Gov. Paterson

    ABC News’ Jake Tapper on the New York Times article on NY Gov. Paterson’s aide.

  6. Jake Tapper on Obama’s Poll Numbers

    ABC News’ Jake Tapper argues jobs are a key issue for President Obama.

  7. Was Carney accuser pressured to recant?

    Bill in Missouri wants to know

  8. Does Jay Carney get questions in advance? Anatomy of an uproar

    What a delicious scenario: Jay Carney admitting that before he takes the podium, the assembled group of White House correspondents have already given him their quest...

  9. Inside the 2009 Attack on Combat Outpost Keating in Afghanistan

    “The Outpost” author Jake Tapper on researching his book on the 2009 attack on the American Combat Outpost Keating in Afghanistan and the soldiers who fought in the battle.

  10. Tapper: Amazed How Little GOP Got from Cliff Deal

    CNN’s Jake Tapper on the fiscal cliff deal and the future of gun legislation.

  11. Cyprus Considers Taxing Savings to Bolster Economy

    CNN’s Jake Tapper on the upcoming vote in Cyprus on savings taxation.

  12. Can Candidates Win the Election Without Ohio?

    ABC News’ Jake Tapper on the key states to watch in the Presidential election.

  1. Jake Tapper : Palin Joining Fox a 'Marketing Coup’

    ABC News’ Jake Tapper on Gov. Sarah Palin becoming a contributor for Fox News.

  2. Jake Tapper Rejected

    The I-Man declines ABC News Chief White House Correspondent Jake Tapper ’s invitation to be a part of a roundtable discussion.

  3. Jake Tapper on Health Care, Rep. Stupak

    ABC News’ Jake Tapper on Rep. Stupak’s push to get stronger language on abortion in health-care reform.

  4. Jake Tapper on Health-Care’s Impact on Nov. Elections

    ABC News’ Jake Tapper on how the passing of health-care reform will affect House Republican’s chances in the November elections.

  5. Jake Tapper on Rep. Sestak, Israeli Raid

    ABC News’ Jake Tapper on the U.S.’s response to the U.N. condemning Israel’s raid on a ship attempting to pass Gaza blockade.

  6. Jake Tapper's 'The Outpost'

    ABC News White House correspondent writes new book on untold tales of valor

  7. Jake Tapper : Clintons’ Political Machine is Gone

    ABC News’ Jake Tapper on “Game Change” and the Clintons’ inability to discredit the book.

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