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George Will

How Will New GOP Work With Obama?

President to face resurgent Republicans in 112th Congress

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    Futurist makes startling Obama prediction

  2. Substantive Answers

    Were debates more about issues in the past?

  3. Kristol Clear!

    Bill Kristol on Cheney and Biden

  4. Man With a Plan

    Obama campaign spokesman Bill Burton tells Alan that Obama is ready to meet the challenges our country is facing

  5. Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?

    Boy George found guilty of kidnapping male escort

  6. The Press and the President

    Brit Hume and O'Reilly take a fair and balanced look at how the media, including FOX, cover Obama

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    Where does America stand on the Ground Zero mosque debate?

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    Brian spoke with Lou Cannon, author of 'President Reagan: Role of a Lifetime', about what he hopes President Obama will take from his book on President Reagan!

  1. Palin's Tribute to a True Trailblazer

    Sarah Palin reflects on Geraldine Ferraro's legacy

  2. What Will Happen to Qaddafi?

    Coalition amps up attacks; what's next in Libya?

  3. No-Fly Zone: Congressional Approval Not Required? Part 2

    Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich weighs in

  4. Early 2012 GOP Frontrunners

    Charles Krauthammer on potential Republican nominees that could beat Obama

  5. Immediate Challenges

    New Gingrich analyzes Obama's transition and first presidential hurdles

  6. Congressional Candidate Is Internet Sensation

    Lt. Col. Allen West is running for Congress

  7. McCain Responds

    The presidential candidate has harsh words for Congress on dealing with the economy, discusses VP debate