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Catherine Herridge

Where's the Money, Qaddafi?

Libyan leader reportedly set aside tens of billions in cash

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  1. Aggressive International Investigation

    Suspicious packages traced to Yemen

  2. Senate Hearing on Global Threats

    National Intelligence Director in the hot seat

  3. Mail Bomb Plot Probe

    U.S. officials eye 'dry run' as Yemen hunts for suspect

  4. Exclusive with Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano

    Napolitano visits Afghan/Pakistan border

  5. Where Is Qaddafi Hiding?

    Closer look at Libyan leader's compound

  6. 'Operation Global Shield'

    World leaders focus on tracking materials used in IEDs

  7. Radical Cleric Breaks Silence on Mideast Unrest

    Will Al Qaeda benefit from changes in the region?

  8. Fresh Doubts in Anthrax Probe

    Report looks into science behind investigation

  9. Obama Reversing Course on Guantanamo Bay?

    President ends two-year push to shut down detention facility

  10. Bad News for Al Qaeda?

    Intelligence officials find silver lining in Mideast protests

  11. Homeland Security Secretary Visits Israel

    Napolitano to discuss cyber and airline security

  12. U.S.-Europe Terror Threat Connection

    Homeland Security, FBI cite previous small-scale attacks as part of emerging picture

  1. YouTube Removes Awlaki Videos

    Website takes down videos of fugitive cleric that incite violence

  2. White House Ramps Up Use of Military Commissions

    Accused planner of USS Cole attack to be prosecuted at Guantanamo Bay

  3. Mysterious Websites for Terror Recruiting?

    Questions over Major Hasan and ties to Anwar Al-Awlaki

  4. Controversial Hearings on Radical Islam

    Lawmakers debate link between homegrown attacks and known terrorist groups

  5. Stunning Development in Murder of ICE Agent

    Why were agents unarmed while in Mexico?

  6. Can U.S. Copy Israel's Aviation Security?

    Homeland Security secretary tours Israeli airport

  7. Terror Plot or 'Dry Run'?

    Investigators searching for answers from Friday's terror scare

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