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Bill Burton

Bill Burton

Obama campaign manager: Looking forward to debate

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  1. Sticking to the Plan

    Obama campaign manager confident Friday's presidential debate will proceed as scheduled

  2. Foreign Policy Showdown

    Obama camp reacts to Ole Miss face-off

  3. Obama 'Serious' About Cutting Deficit

    White House on getting economy back on track

  4. Change Needed?

    Obama blaming McCain-backed policies for current crisis

  5. 'Trump Up Fake Controversies'

    Sparks fly as Obama spokesman Bill Burton accuses FOX News of 'specific agenda' to help John McCain

  6. Presidential Flip-Flop?

    Shep dukes it out with White House spokesperson over Obama's changing stance on government-run health care

  7. Why Some Americans Question Obama's Christianity

    Why do a growing number of Americans believe President Obama is Muslim?

  8. Rating the Debate

    Obama and McCain camps react to their candidates' performances at the vice presidential showdown

  9. Khalidi Toast

    Is The Los Angeles Times helping Obama by withholding controversial video?

  10. Barack Abroad

    New details about Obama's overseas trips and John McCain has some things to say about it

  11. Administration's 9/11 Problem Worsens

    Efforts to block congressional funding for Sept. 11 criminal proceedings in U.S. courts

  12. Under Fire

    NRA releases barrage of anti-Obama ads in swing states

  1. Debate Recap

    Bill Burton recaps VP debate and looks ahead to next presidential debate

  2. Man With a Plan

    Obama campaign spokesman Bill Burton tells Alan that Obama is ready to meet the challenges our country is facing

  3. Forget the Polls!

    Bill Burton on Obama's strategy!

  4. Gibbs Stepping Down From Podium

    Impact of press secretary shakeup on Obama administration

  5. Eating Grasshoppers

    On the hunt for “weird foods that are good for you,” The Medicine Hunter takes Dr. Manny to Toloache in New York City for a Mexican delicacy – grasshopper tacos!

  6. President Obama Praises Eagles

    Thinks Vick deserved a second chance

  7. Who's the 'Maverick'?

    Political ads from both campaigns aim to convince voters they are the real leaders

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