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Chilling Words From Muslim Student

College student refuses to condemn Hamas when questioned

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  1. Al Qaeda Having Money Problems?

    Militant group urging followers to steal from 'enemy' to fund terror

  2. Egypt: A Country in Chaos

    How did things spiral out of control in Egypt?

  3. Social Media's Impact on the News

    Shep talks about pros and cons of growing platform

  4. Iranian Lawmakers Call for Execution of Opposition Leaders

    Anti-government protests growing increasingly violent

  5. Middle East on Brink of Collapse?

    Violence spirals out of control in Libya, protests continue in Iran

  6. Be Quick About It!

    Listeners have their say in one sentence or less.

  7. New Bin Laden Audio Tape?

    Contains threats to France

  8. Turmoil in Libya

    Reports of bloody crackdown in Tripoli; country's U.N. mission calls for Qaddafi to step down

  9. Media to Blame for Koran-Burning Firestorm?

    Too much media hype for Pastor Jones?

  10. Third Break: 2/19

    Panel on Watson's 'Jeopardy' victory

  11. Why Not Syria?

    Should the U.S. take action? Former U.S. Ambassador to NATO Robert Hunter weighs in

  12. Ground Transportation a Terror Target?

    Thwarted Metro plot a reminder of growing threat

  1. Why Do Elites Love Al Jazeera ?

    Media, administration officials trip over themselves to praise Arabic news source

  2. Did Media Pass or Fail on Japan Disaster Coverage?

    Panel weighs in on coverage of crisis in Japan

  3. Political Grapevine: 7/24

    Not everyone in Germany was ecstatic about Obama's speech in Berlin

  4. Inside Look at Our Presidents

    Author Ron Kessler joins Alan to share some interesting behind-the-scenes stories from his book, 'Inside the President's Secret Service'

  5. Bias Bash: Mideast Protests

    Has Al Jazeera's coverage in Egypt been fair?

  6. New Revelations on Mideast Peace Process

    Internal Palestinian documents spark anger

  7. 'This Could Change the World'

    Shepard Smith reports on unrest in Syria

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