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Adam Housley

Hi-Tech Gadgets at CES 2011

Fox News' Adam Housley reports from Las Vegas

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  1. Will MLB Ban Chewing Tobacco?

    Congress pushes to get rid of substance

  2. Deadly Gas Explosion Levels Neighborhood

    At least six dead in San Bruno, California

  3. Drug War

    Weapons, cash seizures rise along U.S.-Mexico border

  4. Camera Pen

    Iranian satellite TV channel finds inventive ways to broadcast despite censorship

  5. Marines' Best Friend?

    Bomb-sniffing reinforcements being sent to Afghanistan

  6. Jackson Emergency

    Pop star Michael Jackson taken to UCLA Medical Center

  7. Sly Returns With Some Muscle

    On the Fox Lot: All-action hero team watches Stallone's back

  8. Bulking Up

    Muscle cars take center stage at L.A. auto show

  9. Deadly Gas Explosion in CA

    At least 6 people dead

  10. Coming Up on 'Special Report'

    Bret Baier gives you a sneak peek of the next show

  11. Coast Guard Taking On Drug Smugglers

    New tool unveiled to combat fully submersible submarines

  12. Is Liberal Press Downplaying NPR Scandal?

    Bernie Goldberg explains why left-wing media is mostly mum on public radio controversy

  1. Reactor Explosion Elevates Nuclear Crisis in Japan

    Increasing radiation levels near plants

  2. Gourmet Dining on the Go

    Top chefs dish out high-end food from trucks

  3. California Fights Foreclosure Crisis

    Cash-strapped state launches program to help struggling homeowners

  4. Will U.S. Mine Reshape Key Industry?

    California site could break China's near-monopoly on rare earth elements

  5. Threat of Nuclear Meltdown Looms in Japan

    U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Agency asked to help with damaged reactors

  6. Nuclear Crisis in Japan

    Adam Housley reports on reactor damage

  7. Japan Rations Gas, Food

    Many living in emergency aid shelters

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