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Registered Sex Offenders


Mayor of North Pole, Alaska sounds off on end of Santa letter program

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  1. The O'Reilly Factor

    Monday, 8p ET: It’s an all new year and America’s best cop is back! Get ready for the Factor 2011!

  2. Sex Predator Set Free

    Vt. officials admit uncle accused in slain niece's kidnapping was off probation

  3. 'Revamp the Sentencing'

    California attorney general expresses skepticism over plan to release 40,000 prisoners early

  4. Scary Ruling

    Did a federal judge just make it more difficult for parents to protect their kids on Halloween?

  5. Partisan Politics

    School kids used to deride Sarah Palin in mysterious Internet video

  6. Manhunt

    U.S. Marshals searching for 2 men who escaped Texas prison camp

  7. Campaign Ads Turn Vicious

    Candidates come out swinging in final stretch before midterm elections

  8. Doctor's Dangerous Past

    Mom's intuition leads to shocking discovery

  9. 'Pray to God'

    Laura Garza's family sits down with Geraldo; she was last seen with a registered sex offender

  10. Rove Predicts ...

    Karl Rove makes some midterm predictions and more

  11. Time for an Animal Abuse Registry?

    Lawmaker proposes registry to track folks that abuse animals

  12. Vampire Sex Offender Arrested

    Self-proclaimed vampire arrested for violating probation

  1. Neighborhood Watch

    Web site lets visitors perform free criminal history check on anyone. Is that fair?

  2. Sex Offenders in Public Housing?

    Shocking new report sheds light on dangerous loophole in New York's sex offender registration

  3. Cracking Down on Sex Offenders on Halloween

    Texas pulls sex offenders off of streets on Halloween

  4. Jessica's Law Ruled Unconstitutional

    Los Angeles judge temporarily blocks parts of provision designed to protect children from sex offenders

  5. No Password Privacy

    New Georgia law requires sex offenders to turn over passwords

  6. Deviants Welcome

    New Jersey strikes down law that would prohibit sex offenders from living nears schools, playgrounds

  7. Outrageous Ruling

    Should paroled sex offenders be allowed to have porn?

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