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Greg-alogue: 8/11

He who inspired has started to perspire

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  1. Greg-alogue: 10/10

    It's not about us, it's about Obama

  2. 'Lingerie'

    Actress Jennifer Korbin stars in sexy new series

  3. 'Red Eye' Wordsmith

    Ron Geraci is back with more letters for Obama

  4. Thursday's Halftime Report

    TV's Andy Levy gives amazing back rubs and checks the facts

  5. Out of Touch?

    Democrats seize on report that McCain owns more than a dozen cars

  6. Cheers!

    Part 2: Actor and author George Wendt on 'Red Eye'

  7. Meet Ginger

    Wildhearts' rocker on new album

  8. Hurts So Good!

    Jury awards man $1.2 million for baseball hit to groin

  9. Call the Veterinarian

    Obama's pythons are sick

  10. Dutch Dunking

    Vandals tossing Smart Cars into Amsterdam canals

  11. Prophylactic Pork?

    NIH funds $423,500 study on why men don't like to use condoms

  12. Gute on the Loose

    Actor Steve Guttenberg goes wild on paparazzi

  1. Pointing Fingers

    Deepak Chopra blames U.S. for Mumbai attacks

  2. Manhattan Project

    Sex, drugs, scandal inside successful prostitution ring

  3. 'Royal Pains'

    Reshma Shetty stars in new doctor comedy

  4. Joel David Moore

    'Avatar' star crashes 'Red Eye'

  5. Popping Off

    Why Nick Popaditch is running for Congress

  6. Tuesday's Halftime Report

    TV's Andy Levy develops new drug for feline sexual dysfunction

  7. Greg-alogue: 10/13

    Global warming is the Kevin Bacon of root causes

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