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Aaron Sorkin

Second Break: 2/5

Panel on new iPad-only newspaper 'The Daily'

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  1. 'Social Network'

    How factual is the new movie about Facebook?

  2. 'The Social Network' Study

    Does new movie do justice to Facebook's founding?

  3. With Friends Like These...

    Twin brothers claim they're the brains behind Facebook

  4. Gutfeld: Guess the Predictable Palin Punch Line

    Introducing a fun new game right up CNN's alley

  5. The Social Network

    Ben Mezrich on how the movie compares to his book!

  6. 'The Social Network'

    Movie based on Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg hits big screen

  7. Pressure's on Clooney?

    Rumor has it: George Clooney pressed to tie the knot