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Private Property Rights

Can Government Seize Your Property?

Community center for troubled kids to be torn down for new condos

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  1. Czar Crazy?

    Radio talk show host Mike Slater on administration's latest appointment to oversee endangered species in California

  2. Private Property Battle

    Family farm near border targeted by DHS

  3. Eminent Domain

    A look at what private property has been seized since Supreme Court ruling and how it's been used

  4. Ballot Initiative Takes Aim at Personal Property

    Will Nevada voters pass Question 4?

  5. U.S. Beefs Up Security at 'Soft' Terror Targets

    Additional security seen at malls, train stations, ports

  6. A Tax On Mileage?

    Jonathan Hoeing on possible new tax

  7. Bible Becomes a Reference Guide?

    Author Wayne Grudem explains in his new book, 'Politics According to the Bible'

  8. Storms Wreak Havoc on East Coast

    Massive storms on the Eastern Seaboard have devastating consequences

  9. Beck: Coming Insurrection

    If everything you knew suddenly changed, what would you do?

  10. Fox Flash: 'Knight Rider' Suspended


  11. Smoking Ban Debate Heats Up

    Should you be allowed to smoke in your own home?

  12. Venezuelan Voters Deal Blow to Chavez

    Opposition candidates make headway in elections

  1. Bank of America Freezes Foreclosures

    Moratorium could hurt housing market and economy

  2. Change of Heart, Change of Party

    Elected Mississippi Democrats defect to GOP

  3. This Land Not Your Land?

    Author Don Corace on how the government is plotting to take your property

  4. Supreme Question

    Gov. Palin elaborates on Supreme Court decisions she disagrees with

  5. 'Boundaries of Order'

    Why do government lies go unpunished?

  6. Impeach Obama?

    Alan confronts Floyd Brown, the political activist behind the infamous 'Willie Horton' ad, for wanting to impeach Obama.

  7. FOX News Exclusive

    Governor Palin sits down with Carl Cameron to discuss her performance in the VP debate, other 2008 issues

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