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'This is our heaven': Colorado couple fights to save land from eminent domain

"They're spending us to death," said landowner Andy Barrie. He is not talking about property taxes, inflation or even the cost of skiing in glitzy ski country. Rather, he's talking about the legal fight he and his wife have been waging to save their pristine piece of mountain property -- with breathtaking views of Colorado's high country -- from being taken over by the county through eminent domain. Their battle is a unique test of private property rights. Unlike in countless other cases, where local governments have used those powers to seize land to make way for a road or some economic development project, Colorado's Summit County is using eminent domain to go after the Barries' land simply because officials want the open space. It's a peaceful plot of land the Barries don't want to part with. "Everyone has their special place where they really like to go, and when we came up here the first time we said this is our heaven, this is a special place," Andy Barrie explained. Two years ag...

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  1. Abuse of Endangered Species Act threatens American's private property rights

    December 28, 2013, is the fortieth anniversary of the signing of the Endangered Species Act (or ESA).  That should be a non-controversial cause for celebration.  Unf...

  2. Reaction to Bundy land dispute with federal government

    'Special Report' All-Star panel weighs in

  3. Nevada rancher takes on the federal government

    Radio talk show host Dana Loesch on the standoff between the U.S. Bureau of Land Management and rancher Cliven Bundy.

  4. 220 referred to public prosecutor for another mass trial in Egypt amid unrest after overthrow

    Judicial officials in Egypt say 220 protesters have been referred to the public prosecutor for a mass trial.The defendants, referred to trial Sunday, were arrested o...

  5. All-Star Panel: Reaction to Bundy land dispute with federal government

    This is a rush transcript from "Special Report," April 14, 2014. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated.(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)(SHOUTING)CLIVEN BUNDY, ...

  6. Feds-rancher dispute larger than Cliven Bundy

    Bundy family and supporters brace for escalation of dispute, but argue that the controversy is more about government abuse versus individual freedom

  7. Colorado couple fighting eminent domain push to save land

    Alicia Acuna reports from Denver

  8. Lawsuit challenges feds over 'sue and settle' tactics on endangered species

    Oklahoma's attorney general and an oil and gas industry trade group have filed a lawsuit against the federal government over its decision to settle a lawsuit with an...

  9. Not So Private Property ?: Clean Water Restoration Act Raises Fears of Land Grab

    The Clean Water Restoration Act currently pending in the U.S. Senate could reach to control even a "seasonal puddle" on private property. Eleven senators and 17 repr...

  10. Hotel Conference Center May Trump Private Property in Eminent Domain Case

    Would you let the government take your car and give it to someone else? How about your computer, television set, house, or business? What if the government said you ...

  11. GOP lawmakers grill EPA on water reg ‘power grab’

    Calling the plan a "massive power grab," Republican lawmakers are asking the Environmental Protection Agency to explain why it’s in such a rush to implement a federa...

  12. Virginia poised to vote on bill to allow Sunday hunting

    The Virginia House of Delegates is expected to vote on a bill that would reverse the state’s current ban on hunting on Sundays, allowing the sport on private propert...

  1. Time to dump Fannie and Freddie before ugly history repeats itself

    There is near universal agreement on both sides of the political aisle that we need to end the two Government Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs) Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac...

  2. Cliven Bundy blasts Harry Reid for standoff accusations

    Report: Sen. Reid calls Bundy family supporters 'domestic terrorists'

  3. Ron Paul: Feds should stand down in Nevada

    Former Rep. Ron Paul weighs in on the Nevada cattle grazing dispute and the IRS.

  4. Is your home's energy meter spying on you?

    Utility companies across the U.S. are installing smart meters in customers’ homes, touting the technology’s energy-saving ways, but opponents argue that the meters a...

  5. Cliven Bundy: Harry Reid has 'no business' in Clark County

    Former sheriff: Fed sources say BLM is considering raid on ranch

  6. Arizona Senate approves 4 pro-gun bills

    The Arizona Senate has given initial approval to four major pro-gun bills.The House-approved bills include one that allows concealed-carry permit holders to bring we...

  7. Rancher vs. Feds over cattle grazing

    FOX News contributor Jedediah Bila and Vice co-founder Gavin McInnes weigh in on the Nevada land dispute between a rancher and the government.

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