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  1. Bailout Bucks Going Overseas?

    Proof handouts are a waste?

  2. KISSing and Telling

    Gene Simmons gives personal and historical take on prostitutes in new book

  3. Time for Timetable?

    Iraqi prime minister supports withdrawal plan

  4. Hourly Update

    Get hourly updated headlines from Fox News Channel

  5. Rebuilding Iraq

    Because You Asked: What is the status of Iraq's infrastructure?

  6. Surprise Visit

    FOX News joins joint chiefs chairman in Baghdad

  1. Iraqi Military Conducts Live Fire Exercises

    Fox News was present to see how far the military has come in the past few years

  2. About Face

    Some vets still angry at Obama for cancelling on troops visit

  3. Operation You Go, Girl

    Send cards, gifts to female soldiers in Iraq

  4. Il Diretore

    Exclusive Fox Car Report interview with Maserati North America President and CEO, Mark McNabb

  5. '100 Percent Correct'

    Obama supporter Sen. John Kerry defends candidate's statements on Iraq

  6. Adm. Mullen

    Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff says Iraq and U.S. have set goals for troops to get out, but no hard deadline

  7. Major Milestone

    U.S. hands over control of Baghdad's Green Zone to Iraq