Gary Johnson

Johnson served as governor of New Mexico from 1995 to 2002. He founded what would become one of the largest construction companies in New Mexico. He has competed in several triathlons and climbed Mount Everest.

State of the Union Analysis

Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson (R) joins Alan to give his analysis of Obama's State of the Union address

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  1. Building Momentum?

    Former Gov. Gary Johnson (R-NM) who placed third in CPAC's presidential straw poll, tells Alan how he'd help fix the economy.

  2. A New Voice in 2012?

    Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson (R) talks with Alan about how his unconventional views will affect his political future.

  3. An Unclear Mission?

    Former Gov. Gary Johnson (R-NM), a potential 2012 presidential candidate, tells Alan why he's skeptical of the mission in Libya

  4. Where Does He Stand?

    Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson on budget cuts, gay rights, legalizing marijuana

  5. Steele Reacts

    Michael Steele joins Alan to reveal how he felt after being ousted as RNC Chairman.

  6. Krauthammer on Possible GOP Presidential Candidates

    Conservative columnist evaluates potential 2012 contenders

  7. Freedom Watch: 6/24

    Part 3 of 4