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Does the Census Impact 2012 Election?

Census results are in, redistricting to follow

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  1. Super Bowl Census Scandal

    Taxpayers fork out $2.5 million for airtime for Uncle Sam

  2. Census Snub

    Should gay marriages be counted?

  3. Privacy Concerns

    Minnesota legislator refusing to answer census

  4. Knock, Knock

    GAO: Criminals may have been hired to gather 2010 Census information

  5. Immigration Controversy

    Which states will be biggest losers in 2010 Census ?

  6. Rove's Take

    Do Americans have the right to a non-partisan census ?

  7. Who's Counting?

    Freshman lawmaker wants census conducted by postal workers, not ACORN

  8. Insufficient Data?

    Some Latino leaders want illegal immigrants to boycott U.S. census

  9. The One Thing: 10/9

    Why Obama took control of the Census and what it means for you

  10. Hannity's America: 8/11

    Illegal immigrants to be included in California Census

  11. Deep Political Pockets

    Why the SEIU is advocating illegal immigrants to be counted in Census

  12. Coming Up at 4 p.m. ET on 'Your World'

    Census returning $1.6 billion to the Treasury. Will taxpayers get the money?

  1. 2010 Census And The Latin Community

    How will census results affect the 2012 presidential election?

  2. U.S Census takes a new approach to getting everyone counted.

    Once every ten years the United States surveys citizens to help estimate population growth and determine state funding. The results are printed in the U.S. Census Report. This year the government is taking a new approach to getting everyone counted. Rick Folbaum talks to the director of the U.S. Census Robert Groves.

  3. Is the Census Imposing on Freedoms?

    Judge Napolitano talks to author of 'The 2010 Census'

  4. Census : Hispanic Numbers Continue to Grow

    What will increase mean politically?

  5. 2010 Census : Hispanics the Fastest Growing Community

    The changing face of America

  6. Friday Lightning Round: New Census , Brazil Oil

    Panel sums up in this week's hot topics

  7. Politics of the Census

    Which states came out on top with redistricting?

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