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Preview of Joran's Fate?

Because You Asked: What is sentence for murder in Peru ?

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  1. Fight Festival

    Peruvians punch the slate clean

  2. Joran van der Sloot to Plead Temporary Insanity

    Plea could significantly shorten prison sentence for murder of 21-year-old Stephany Flores

  3. 'Strategy Room' Newsbreak

    Diane Macedo delivers headlines from the 'Strategy Room'

  4. Around the World: 12/2

    Chairs fly at riot in Argentina; women crash wedding and reveal surprise in Peru

  5. Around the World

    Seventh day of riots in Athens; protests in Mumbai

  6. Around the World: 1/29

    Rescue efforts for trapped tourists in Peru ; apartment building collapses in Hong Kong

  7. Woodpecker vs Snake

    Epic showdown in Peru

  8. Around the World: 10/6

    Violent riots in Turkey; 1,500-year-old remains uncovered in Peru

  9. Joran's Alleged Victim's Last Moments

    Details of Peru murder victim and more emerge as authorities release videos

  10. Bucket List Travel

    Seven destinations worth going out of your way for

  11. Web Exclusive: 'Fox News Watch' 3/11

    Hidden camera sting rocks federally funded organization

  12. Sting Speaks Out on Libya Conflict, Part 1

    Musician's moving revelations about Arab world

  1. Peruvian series

    Peruvian series Tribulacion

  2. Peruvian series

    Peruvian series Tribulacion

  3. 'Worst Place in the World to Go to Prison'

    International defense attorney on prison life in Peru

  4. Around the World

    Cocaine bust in Peru ; scientists unleash 'healthy' burger in Argentina

  5. Joran Confesses to Murder

    Cops: Van der Sloot admits killing woman

  6. Giant Jeans

    Peruvians set pants world record

  7. 'Don't Shoot!'

    Controversy over deadly CIA shoot-down in Peru

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