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Miller Time: 10/1

Dennis Miller's pointed advice for Sarah Palin ahead of the VP debate

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  1. Cops Beat Woman

    Police beat transexual prostitute

  2. Young Asylum-Seeker Boards Flight as Old Man

    Man arrested in Canada after disguising himself as elderly

  3. Tragic Ending

    Anchorwoman Anne Pressly dies after vicious attack

  4. Around the World: 10/6

    Violent riots in Turkey; 1,500-year-old remains uncovered in Peru

  5. After the Show Show: 8/13

    Meet a 10-week-old lion cub

  6. Freeway Frogger?

    Twin sisters escape death after running onto highway

  7. Helping Haiti's Poorest Communities

    U.S. team assess needs in one of Port-au-Prince's worst slums

  8. Bear Attacks on the Rise?

    Jack Hanna on deadly attack near Yellowstone

  9. 'Bad Blood'

    Small town murder inspires book

  10. New Details on Kerrigan's Father's Death

    Police report details physical altercation involving figure skater's brother

  11. Motives Unknown in N.J. Arrest

    Man busted in N.J. with weapons cache, map of military base

  12. Taking Back the Streets

    Community patrols fighting crime in California

  1. Around the World: Demonstrators, Security Forces Clash in Belgium

    Protests over proposed austerity cuts turn violent in Brussels

  2. Across America: Robber-in-Training?

    Would-be thief in South Carolina loses his mask in robbery attempt

  3. Bride Arrested at Arizona Wedding Party

    Fight breaks out during celebration

  4. Bride Arrested at Arizona Wedding Party

    Fight breaks out during celebration

  5. The One Thing: 8/13

    The radicals on the left want you to shut up

  6. Kerrigan's Brother 'Apathetic' at Scene

    Police report details chilling demeanor of ex-Olympian's brother after arrest

  7. Meet Razorhawk

    Real-life superheroes donning masks and hitting streets to fight crime

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