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Andrew Breitbart

Conservative commentator Andrew Breitbart dead at 43

Publisher's website reports death from natural causes

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  1. Andrew Breitbart : CPAC an X-Factor in Election

    Influential conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart says this CPAC has the potential to play a big role in the 2012 presidential race. Breitbart called it an "X-factor...

  2. Farewell to Andrew Breitbart -- the most fearless person I've ever known

    I met Andrew Breitbart in 2005 when I was asked to write for the Huffington Post . He was running the show. Everyone who knew him -- left and right -- said he was br...

  3. Huffington Post Forced to Issue Retraction, Apology After Falsely Accusing Andrew Breitbart of Doctoring Video

    Arianna Huffington ’s liberal-leaning Huffington Post was forced to write a retraction Tuesday after alleging that conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart doctored a v...

  4. Exclusive Trailer: The late Andrew Breitbart uncovered dark side of Occupy Movement in new documentary 'Occupy Unmasked'

    While the media attempted to dive deep into the social implications and issues surrounding the recent “Occupy Wall Street” movement, which spread in the U.S. and wor...

  5. Andrew Breitbart's legacy: 'Occupy Unmasked'

    New documentary examines radicalism in America

  6. Andrew Breitbart lives on in new film

    'Hating Breitbart' director Andrew Marcus on Tea Party champion's struggle for truth against the mainstream media

  7. Andrew Breitbart on 'Hannity': 'This Is Not About Shirley Sherrod'

    This is a rush transcript from "Hannity," July 20, 2010. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated.SEAN HANNITY, HOST: It was exactly one week ago wh...

  8. Andrew Breitbart Defends Sherrod Story

    NAACP blames Breitbart, Fox News for USDA official's ouster

  9. Andrew Breitbart on 'Hannity' Part 2

    Conservative blogger his controversial new book 'Righteous Indignation'

  10. Andrew Breitbart on 'Hannity' Part 1

    Conservative blogger his controversial new book 'Righteous Indignation'

  11. Andrew Breitbart's 'Righteous Indignation'

    Author faces off with MSNBC over new book

  1. How Limbaugh, Thomas, Bean produced conservative warrior Andrew Breitbart

    This week my new film, " Hating Breitbart ," about the life and contributions of the late self-described conservative “middle class” media mogul Andrew Breitbart, op...

  2. Adieu and au revoir, Andrew Breitbart

    Perhaps the greatest professional tribute I can pay to Andrew Breitbart is that upon hearing condolences from friends online about the passing of my friend "Andrew,"...

  3. Andrew Breitbart -- one year later

    Editor's note: Andrew Breitbart died one year ago on March 1. The following piece originally appeared on . It is used with permission.“The flame that b...

  4. Conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart dies in LA

    Andrew Breitbart used the Internet relentlessly to ignite political scandal and expose what he saw as media bias, even if he sometimes had to edit the facts to do it...

  5. Conservative commentator Andrew Breitbart is dead at 43

    Widely read conservative Internet publisher Andrew Breitbart, whose flare for battle with politicians and the mainstream media earned him a reputation as one of the ...

  6. 'Hating Breitbart': Doc shows late Andrew Breitbart different than represented by mainstream media

    Conservative commentator and activist Andrew Breitbart attracted a slew of friends and foes railing against mainstream media, but the new documentary “ Hating Breitb...

  7. Conservative bloggers salute 'culture warrior' Andrew Breitbart at RightOnline conference

    Andrew Breitbart was as shunned as he was loved but he had “all the right enemies,” attendees at this weekends’s RightOnline conference said of the late conservative...

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