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Obama's Afghanistan Address

Part 2: President Obama announces goals, three core elements of Afghanistan strategy

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  1. Grilled on the Hill

    Key members of Obama's national security team face tough questions from Congress

  2. Terror's Successor

    Possible replacement for Taliban leader believed to have been killed in U.S. missile attack

  3. Taliban Nerve Center

    Fox News crew joins Pakistan's army on terror hunt

  4. Brazen Attack

    Militants hold hostages in Pakistan army headquarters

  5. Key Partner

    Pakistan reacts to Afghanistan war strategy speech

  6. Times Square Suspect's Training Ground

    A look at North Waziristan , where Faisal Shahzad is believed to have been instructed on terror

  7. Pakistan Court Declines Ruling on CIA Case

    No decision on whether detained contractor has diplomatic immunity

  8. Uncut: Hillary Clinton in Pakistan

    Secretary of State Clinton discusses U.S.- Pakistan relations, the war on terror and more with Greta

  9. Whose Side Is Pakistan On?

    Shocking new report concerning one of our closest allies in War on Terror

  10. American Jailed in Pakistan Is CIA Operative

    Case remains at center of fragile diplomatic relationship between U.S., Pakistan

  11. Tragic Deaths

    Islamabad updates from the ground

  12. Is Pakistan Real 'Cancer' in War on Terror?

    Book documents President Obama's handling of Pakistan threat

  1. Intensified Attacks

    Instability in Pakistan raising stakes for U.S. in Afghanistan

  2. Brutal Attacks

    New questions about security of Pakistan's nukes amid escalating terrorism

  3. Deadly Violence

    Terrorist attacks in Pakistan

  4. Haji Mesri Khan

    FOX News interviews top Taliban leader in Pakistan

  5. Top Target

    Intelligence officials probe whether Al Qaeda weapons expert was killed in missile strike

  6. New Complications for NATO in Pakistan

    Supply vehicles targeted by insurgents one day after Pakistani officials close key route

  7. Wave of Terror

    Bombers target police compound in Pakistan

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