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Best Actor

And The Nominees Are...

Panel discusses recently announced Oscar nominees for best actress, actor, and supporting actress

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  1. Hollywood Nation: King's Mouth Gets Cleaned

    The Big Cheese mentors 'Idol'; 'Monsters' go back to school

  2. Greed Is Good?

    Michael Douglas' ex-wife seeks cut of money from 'Wall Street' sequel

  3. Ricky Riles 'Em Up

    Did comedian go too far bashing Hollywood elite at Golden Globes?

  4. Douglas' Ex Seeks Money From Sequel

    Wants cut of profits from new 'Wall Street'

  5. Hollywood Nation: 'Idols' Sing Their Idols

    Colin Firth trades crown for fangs; Julianne Moore does a Tina Fey

  6. Appointment for Health

    Dr. Manny finds out all the reasons someone should consult with a registered dietitian

  7. Legal Bout

    Should court decide result of title fight?

  8. After the Show Show: 2/2

    Jill Dobson reveals Oscar nominations

  9. 'Strategy Room' Newsbreak

    Diane Macedo delivers headlines from the 'Strategy Room'

  10. Oscar Nominations Announced

    10 best picture contenders this year

  11. TV's Big Night

    A look at winners in the Prime-Time Emmy Awards

  12. Fun at the Emmys

    From the red carpet to backstage and quirky moments during the show, it's a behind-the-scenes look at TV's biggest night

  1. After the Show Show: Oscar Nods

    Predicting Academy Award winners and losers

  2. Testing for Radiation in Japan

    Dr. Steven Garner demonstrates new device

  3. Dangers of Radiation Exposure

    140,000 Japanese ordered to lock themselves in their homes near Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant

  4. Hollywood Legend Tony Curtis Dies

    Heartthrob, serious actor, family man

  5. Tony Curtis Dead at 85

    Oscar-nominated actor dies of cardiac arrest

  6. Power Player Plus: 1/22

    Richard Dreyfuss is this week's Power Player

  7. Politics By the Polls

    Panel breaks down the latest polls

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