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  1. Upcoming Vote to Repeal Health Care Infuriates Democrats

    Charles Krauthammer on looming showdown in House

  2. White House Reaction to Health Care Overhaul Repeal Efforts

    Assistant to the president for health care reform talks strategy

  3. Health Care Fallout: What Now?

    Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli on his plan to seek expedited review of Virginia health care suit in U.S. Supreme Court

  4. Donald Trump a Contender for 2012?

    Karl Rove says there is no Republican frontrunner

  5. Report: Obama Returns to End-of-Life Plan

    Proposal that set off political firestorm to be achieved by regulation

  6. The Week Ahead 12/26

    What's going on during the finals days of 2010

  7. Treasury Secretary Confronted Over Obama's Budget

    Rep. Paul Ryan challenges Tim Geithner on his math

  8. House Set to Begin Health Care Challenge

    GOP looking to reset debate after pausing out of respect for Arizona shooting victims

  9. Be Quick About It!

    Listeners have their say in one sentence or less

  10. Possible Republican Candidates Test Water in Iowa

    Six potential contenders head to the Hawkeye State

  11. Huckabee: 'Politics Is Played Like Baseball'

    Former Arkansas governor on judge's ruling on Wisconsin union law

  12. Challenge to Health Care Law Stands

    Judge allows Virginia's lawsuit against overhaul to go forward

  1. Obamacare Dilemma: Amend or Repeal?

    Democratic congressman says tossing out entire law would be damaging to American families

  2. Obamacare One Year Later

    Impact of landmark health care legislation so far

  3. Was Obamacare Worth the Price?

    Sen. Orrin Hatch on anniversary of health care overhaul

  4. Obamacare or PPACA: What's in a Name?

    Democrats scramble to re-brand health care overhaul

  5. Health Care and the 2012 Election

    Political impact of Obamacare on presidential race

  6. What Lies Ahead?

    Lessons learned from Massachusetts' health care plan

  7. Shelia Jackson Lee Squares Off With Cavuto, Part 2

    Democratic lawmaker on impact of Obamacare repeal

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