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Obama No Child Left Behind

Obama : 'Level the Playing Field'

State of the Union, Part 2: President calls for education, infrastructure investment, tax and trade reform

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  1. Terror Trial Venue Change?

    Karl Rove on White House considering moving 9/11 trial out of NYC

  2. Political Rock Star

    Former press secretary Bob Mann comments on his relationship with Sen. Kennedy

  3. Analysis

    Dr. Larry Sabato on the SOTU

  4. SOS!

    Can new secretary of education save our schools?

  5. Federal Educational Standards?

    Texas schools at odd with government initiative to have greater control over schools

  6. Tea Party Activist Seeking Senate Seat

    Jim Deakin takes on McCain, Hayworth in Arizona

  7. Defining a Legacy

    Former Bush advisor Karl Rove joins Alan to defend President Bush's legacy.

  8. Political Hits and Misses

    Bush was under fire for several issues during his presidency, including surveillance

  9. Cooking Up Dissent

    Republican senator is planning town halls across the country to protest Reid's health care bill

  1. Rove's Review

    Karl Rove sounds off on his George W. Bush breaking his silence, Obama vs. FOX, ABC News and health care

  2. Tepid Support

    Obama fans don't like the bailout

  3. End of an Era?

    Will Obama's presidency end racial politics? Rev. Al Sharpton responds

  4. 'It's Bittersweet'

    Former Bush speechwriter on President Obama's inaugural address

  5. Florida Aims to End Teacher Tenure

    Bill links teacher pay to student performance

  6. What to Expect from the State of the Union?

    Juan Williams weighs in on the State of the Union.

  7. Legacy Watch

    In his final days as president, George W. Bush goes on an all-out blitz to define his administration