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O.J. Simpson

O.J . Simpson Guilty

Simpson may spend rest of life in prison

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  1. Bitterweet Satisfaction

    Fred and Kim Goldman reflect on O.J . Simpson's sentencing

  2. 'This Sentence Will Stay'

    Greta Van Susteren reacts to O.J . Simpson sentence

  3. Inside Scoop

    O.J . Simpson's attorney calls into 'The Strategy Room' to discuss the case

  4. About Time!

    Former LAPD Detective Mark Fuhrman joins Gibson to celebrate O.J . Simpson finally getting some jail time.

  5. Karma Served?

    Geraldo Rivera reacts to the O.J . Simpson sentence

  6. 'I am Sorry'

    Emotional O.J . Simpson tells Las Vegas court he 'didn't mean to steal anything from anybody'

  7. Judgment Day

    Nevada judge sentences O.J . Simpson for kidnapping, robbery

  8. Michael Jackson's Physician in Court

    Preliminary hearing will determine fate of manslaughter case

  9. Lawrence Taylor's Wife Speaks Out

    Lynette Taylor talks candidly about NFL Hall of Famer husband's arrest

  10. Fox Flash: Donkey Ball


  11. The 'Earwitness'

    Witness recalls O.J.'s fateful confrontation over sports memorabilia

  12. 'The Murder Business'

    Former LAPD Detective Mark Fuhrman's new book on the corruption of justice

  1. Fox Flash: O.J . Simpson Suit


  2. The Fall of O.J.

    Friends and foes of O.J . Simpson reflect of his sentencing

  3. 'Justice Was Served'

    Mark Fuhrman: O.J . Simpson is 'nothing but a street thug'

  4. 'Could've Been A Lot Worse'

    O.J . Simpson's attorneys look at his fall from grace

  5. Justice Finally Served?

    Craig Rivera speaks with Mark Fuhrman about O.J . Simpson's sentence

  6. Justice Served?

    Fred Goldman reacts to O.J . Simpson being sentenced to jail for robbery after being acquitted in murder trial

  7. Career Coda

    Media coverage then and now: O.J . Simpson heads to prison, 13 years after "the trial of the century"

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