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Around the World : Plane Crash Kills 14 in Nepal

Group headed to Mount Everest goes down in heavy rain

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  1. Around the World : 10/16

    Farmers call attention to financial troubles in France; world's shortest person in Nepal

  2. Around the World

    Pope kicks off Bible-reading marathon at the Vatican; skydivers in Nepal jump from above Mt. Everest

  3. Around the World : Soccer Fans Gone Wild

    Referees call match after spectators set off fireworks in stadium

  4. Around the World

    Wave of riots in Greece; Hajj pilgrims head to Mecca

  5. Plane Crash in Nepal Kills All 14 Aboard

    Rescue workers dig through debris after plane crashes killing all 14 passengers

  6. Haitians Prepare for Dangerous Weather

    Nation devastated by major earthquake, deadly cholera outbreak, now threatened by storm

  7. Data Probe

    United Nations will conduct inquiry into Climate-gate