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Joe Jackson

The Jackson 3

Custody battle brewing over Michael Jackson's kids

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  1. 'No Needle Marks'

    MJ's friend and trainer says he didn't see any signs of the King of Pop's impending death

  2. No Star Panel

    Panel discusses Sanford affair, Michael Jackson's dad, Honduras coup

  3. Second Opinion?

    Jackson family orders second autopsy for King of Pop

  4. Custody Battle

    Debbie Rowe now battling for custody of Michael Jackson's oldest kids

  5. Remembering Michael

    Geraldo Rivera recounts his interactions with Michael Jackson

  6. GVS Live Wire: 9/29

    Go behind the scenes as Greta prepares for Wednesday's 'On the Record'

  7. Michael Jackson Estate

    Judge denies mom's will request, thousands pick up memorial tickets

  8. Not the Daddy?

    Final pics of Michael Jackson emerge as questions about his paternity surface

  9. 'I Was Very Proud'

    Joe Jackson and Reverend Al Sharpton discuss Michael Jackson's accomplishments and plans to 'uphold the legacy'

  10. Panelists Discuss Latest Sports News

    Panelists discuss the latest sports news including Super Bowl developments

  11. Estate Battle

    Attorney on struggle for Michael Jackson's assets

  12. U.S. v. Blago: Round 2

    Rod Blagojevich's retrial set; charges against Blago's brother dropped

  1. Does Debbie Want Custody or Not?

    Does Debbie Rowe now want custody of children she had with Jackson?

  2. Ivy League Imposter?

    Harvard student accused of faking way into university

  3. When There's a Will...

    Diane Dimond on Michael Jackson's will!

  4. 'Growing Up Twisted'

    Rocker Dee Snider talks about his career and new television project

  5. Surprising Claim in Suitcase Shocker

    Suspect admits choking victim, stuffing body in suitcase but claims it was self-defense

  6. 'Teen Mom' Facing Jail Time

    MTV reality star arrested on domestic violence charges

  7. Unethical Treatment

    Geraldo Rivera and panel on often abusive relationships between doctors and celebrities