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Hawaii Volcano's Stunning Eruption

Kilauea spews lava and ash 80-feet high

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    Our expert shows you how to get an explosive experience when visiting San Juan.

  2. Indonesian Volcano Spews Hot Ash

    Forty-four are dead after multiple eruptions

  3. Inside a Boiling Volcano

    Daredevil filmmaker pushes limits of human endurance to capture stunning video

  4. Around the World: Indonesian Volcano Erupts Again

    Death toll climbs as Mount Merapi torches entire villages

  5. Warning Signs?

    Yellowstone quake activity triggers fear of super- volcano

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    Obama and Clinton, Myanmar disaster, tornadoes and volcanoes , a university drug bust, Russia shows off and a country star dies

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    Hawaii -Chicago showdown brewing and other stories we liked but didn't get to

  8. Lava Eruption

    Hawaii's Kilaeua volcano keeps on flowing

  9. Hawaiians React to Tsunami Warning

    Graduate student gives her perspective on the ground situation

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  1. Stories of Hawaii : Volcanoes

    Rebirth at Hawaii's Volcanoes

  2. Video: Hawaii Volcano Erupts

    Lava and ash spewing 80 feet high

  3. Around the World: Dual Eruption in Russia

    Two volcanoes erupt 45 miles apart on Kamchatka Peninsula, causes several towns to shut down

  4. What's Vog?

    Hawaii volcano spews toxic gases

  5. Volcano Spews Searing Clouds of Gas, Debris

    Massive clouds of ash spill from Mount Merapi, Indonesia's most active volcano

  6. Deadly Volcano Continues to Cause Destruction

    Indonesian volcano turns villages into ghost towns

  7. Deadly Volcano Blankets Entire Villages With Ash

    Indonesian volcano death toll rises after blasts

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