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Tsunami In Hawaii

Hawaii Tsunami Damage

Governor tours the state

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  1. Northern CA Bracing for Tsunami Waves

    Possible evacuations

  1. Hawaii Braces for Tsunami

    Fox News' Courtney Friel reports from Oahu

  2. Tsunami Warning Issued for Hawaii , Pacific Basin

    USGS warns coastal communities to evacuate

  3. Hawaii Tsunami Damage

    Big Island residents picking up pieces after powerful tsunami washed ashore

  4. Tsunami's Impact on Hawaii's Reefs

    Assessing the unseen damage of deadly tsunami

  5. Amateur Video: Tsunami Washes Ashore in Hawaii

    Waves from Japan earthquake reach Hawaii

  6. Across America: Dead Fish Wash Ashore

    Large numbers of fish who live near the bottom of the ocean come ashore in Hawaii after tsunami

  7. Hundreds of Aftershocks Continue to Rock Japan

    Seismologist puts record earthquake in perspective