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Japan Tsunami

  1. Across America: Santa Cruz Harbor Reopens

    9 days after surges from the tsunami hit the West Coast officials reopen part of the harbor in California

  2. Japan’s Nuclear Emergency

    Should the U.S. review its own nuclear energy policies?

  3. Baby Found Alive in Japan

    Located 3 days after quake

  4. Japanese Earthquake: God in the Rubble

    American businessman sees a message from a higher being

  5. Biz Headlines: 3/25

    Friday business wrap-up

  6. Japan Disaster a Sign From God?

    Poll: 38 percent believe so

  7. Red Cross to Host Gabrielle Giffords Benefit

    Gabrielle Giffords Benefit raises awareness about CPR and other lifesaving techniques

  8. Hollywood Nation: Adele Is '21' Again

    Jim Carey's SeaWorld premier; The Who guitarist shares regrets

  9. Tsunami Warning Issued for Hawaii, Pacific Basin

    USGS warns coastal communities to evacuate

  10. Visions of the Future

    Renowned physicist Michio Kaku tells Alan what he thinks life might be like at the end of the current century.

  11. Economic Aftershocks of Japanese Earthquake

    What is impact on U.S. economy?

  12. Japanese Losing Confidence in Nuke Crisis Managers

    Confusion over radiation levels near plant

  1. Massive Earthquake and Tsunami Hit Japan

    Waves headed to U.S. West Coast

  2. U.S. Tsunami Expert in Japan During Quake

    University of Washington professor experiences events first-hand

  3. New Video: Tsunami Wave Hitting Japan

    Houses washed away

  4. Massive Tsunami Engulfs Airport in Japan

    Sendai airport swamped by surge of water

  5. Fox & Friends: After the Show Show

    The gang talks about the Japan tsunami

  6. Role of the President In the Japan Relief Effort

    In the wake of the mass destruction caused by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan , what is President Obama's role in addressing the relief effort

  7. Hawaii Hoping for Best, Preparing for Worst

    Tsunami waves from Japan earthquake hit islands

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