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Chernobyl Disaster

Lessons From Chernobyl Disaster

History repeating itself in Japan?

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  1. Radiation Fears in Japan

    Chernobyl survivor weighs in

  2. Radiation Spreads Amidst Recovery Effort

    New reports indicate radiation is leaking from Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant

  3. Dangers of Radiation Exposure

    140,000 Japanese ordered to lock themselves in their homes near Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant

  4. Nuclear Plant on Verge of Nuclear Meltdown? Part 2

    Panel weighs on potential fallout

  5. Nuclear State of Emergency in Japan

    Threat to American mainland?

  6. Radiation Fears Lead to Iodide Shortage in U.S.

    Dr. Marc Siegel on effects of potassium iodide pills

  7. Food Contamination Fears in Japan

    Radiation detected in milk, vegetables from area near crippled nuclear plant

  8. Radiation Fallout Fears

    Should U.S. put the brakes on nuclear power?

  9. 'Chernobyl Option' Last Resort for Japan Reactors?

    Author William Tucker weighs in

  10. Crisis in Japan: The Fukushima 50

    Small group of workers at crippled nuclear plant race to avoid catastrophe

  11. Battle to Stop Nuke Fuel Meltdown

    Nuclear energy expert on the next step at the Fukushima nuclear plant

  12. Could U.S. Nuclear Plants Withstand Natural Disaster?

    Experts discuss nuke reactors in America in wake of Japan crisis

  1. Time for the Chernobyl Solution in Japan?

    Michio Kaku: Water drops on crippled nuclear plant are like squirt gun fighting wildfire

  2. Wildfires Dangerously Close to Chernobyl

    Flames spark fallout fears

  3. FOX Flashback # 3

    Columbine massacre, Chernobyl disaster , Oklahoma land rush, UN founded, new pope installed, World's Fair opens

  4. Chernobyl Survivor on Japan's Nightmare

    Simon Swerdlow knows radiation threat all too well

  5. Temperatures Rising at Fukushima Nuclear Plant

    Rush to cool fuel cores

  6. Health Risks of Radiation Exposure

    Dr. Siegel on potential medical dangers if contaminated

  7. Fears of Radiation Poisoning in Japan

    Nuke expert weighs in on danger

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