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The Jackson 5

Always the 'King of Pop'

A look at Michael Jackson's place in music history

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  1. Remembering Michael

    Geraldo Rivera recounts his interactions with Michael Jackson

  2. One of a Kind

    Al Sharpton on Michael Jackson's place in history

  3. Triple Threat

    Beauty queen, actress and singer Vanessa Williams on 'FOX & Friends'

  4. 'Always Had a Problem'

    Former Jackson family spokesman on pop star's drug use

  5. 'A Good Dad'

    Joe Pesci remembers Michael Jackson

  6. Hollywood Nation: 1/12

    Gisele Bundchen officially off the market?

  7. Michael Jackson, 1958-2009

    Report: Michael Jackson dies in Los Angeles

  8. Pop Star or Troubled Man?

    O'Reilly and Dr. Marc Lamont Hill debate Michael Jackson's legacy

  1. Controversial Reporting

    Has race become a factor in Michael Jackson coverage?

  2. Remembering the King of Pop

    Life and times of Michael Jackson

  3. Much Ado About Nothing?

    High schools across the country cracking down on racy dance routines

  4. Music Notes

    Mark Prindle dishes on the music those damn kids are listening to

  5. King of Pop Paraphernalia

    Michael Jackson's glove and other items on the auction block

  6. Smokey Robinson on 'Hannity'

    Music icon on his new album

  7. 'Never Really Recovered'

    Greta Van Susteren on trial's impact on Michael Jackson's career, life