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NYC Celebrates John Lennon's 70th Birthday

Thousands attend 'Peace and Love March' to honor former Beatle

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  1. It's Cousin Brucie!

    Legendary radio DJ 'Cousin Brucie' Morrow tells Alan what is was like to be a part of the birth of rock and roll.

  2. Famous Fan

    Country music superstar Kenny Chesney is in New York City to see the All-Star Game at Yankee Stadium

  3. Pill-Popping Ploy?

    King of Pop insiders say Michael Jackson was trying to land himself in hospital with meds to avoid concert dates, but accidentally died instead

  4. The 'King' of Debt?

    A look at Michael Jackson's finances at the time of his death

  5. Hourly Update

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  6. Live Legend

    Paul McCartney rocks 50,000 Israeli fans

  7. Fox News Reporting

    Friday, 10p/1a ET: On the 30th anniversary of John Lennon's death we take you inside his final moments and the chilling plot of the crazed killer that took his life.

  8. Fox News Reporting

    Saturday, 10p ET: We take you inside John Lennon ’s final moments and the chilling plot of the crazed killer that took his life

  9. Hollywood Nation: 9/23

    Ted Nugent offers to be Paul McCartney's personal bodyguard

  10. Diane's Den 7/7

    Making a buck on MJ's memorial; celebrity twins; big price tag on Alan Jackson's estate; celebrity birthdays

  11. Bieber, Kardashian Get Wet for Photoshoot

    Is their latest photo spread offensive?

  12. Hollywood Nation: 'Jersey Boys' Rack Up Tony's

    'Glee' tops The Beatles ; Jordin Sparks smells good 'Because of You'

  1. FOX News Flash: FOX & Friends Edition


  2. Hollywood Nation: Abbey Road Turned Heritage Site

    Taylor Swift beats Michael, 'Idol' promo released in time for holidays

  3. John Lennon : Pinhead or Patriot?

    Pinheads & Patriots: 10/11

  4. Steven Tyler Kicks Off 'American Idol'

    Rocker joins judges for season 10

  5. 'Nowhere Boy'

    John Lennon's early years depicted in new film

  6. Latest 5 Minute Newscast

    The Power of FOX News on Radio! 7/30/2010.

  7. Panelists Discuss Latest Sports News

    Panelists discuss the latest sports news including Super Bowl developments

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