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Music Industry

Music Industry and 'Glee'

Hit show introducing millions to some new and old time favorites

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  1. Former 'Idol's New Album

    'Idol' season 8's Anoop Desai discusses his latest release

  2. 411Music: Usher Domination

    R&B superstar now a global phenomenon

  3. Michael W. Smith Talks Faith

    Secret to success is reinvention, while staying true to core values

  4. Gadgets and Games: 8/27

    Clayton Morris and guests talk possible new Apple TV & The New Amazon Kindle

  5. Apple's Plea to Record Companies

    Attorney explains the implications of computer giant's request for music downloads you can play anywhere

  6. Offbeat: 8/5

    Daylle Deanna Schwartz joins Alan

  7. The Hand of Saab

    Saab's Head of Design, Jason Castriota, talks about the company's upcoming cars

  8. Smokey Robinson on 'Hannity'

    Music icon on his new album

  9. The Hit List: Libyan Conflict

    Will Qaddafi defeat the rebels and stay in power?

  10. Stallone: It's Just Guys Blowing Things Up

    Is 'The Expendables' too patriotic?

  11. Friday's Halftime Report, Part 2

    TV's Andy Levy puts the 'ombudsman' in 'Red Eye' ombudsman

  12. 'The Hottest Show on Earth'

    The Envy teams up with KISS for summer tour

  1. 411Music: Arcade Fire

    Alternative rockers shock music industry

  2. Kings of the Irish

    The High Kings on how the music industry is treating them

  3. 'My Country'

    Photographer Melanie Dunea offers a snapshot of country music industry

  4. America the 'Expendable'?

    Sylvester Stallone responds to allegations his hit movie has a patriotic agenda

  5. Anne No Fan of Nude Scenes

    Hathaway 'mortified' undressing before Gyllenhaal, crew

  6. Mathew Knowles

    The father of entertainer Beyonce, he talks of the importance of reaching for your dreams.

  7. Sheen Makes Bank Doing Bunk

    Actor will make $100 million without leaving his house

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