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Michael Jackson

Can Michael Jackson's Family Sink Autopsy Show?

Estate blasts 'insensitive' special; Discovery Channel postpones reenactment

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  1. Michael Jackson's Doctor Pleads Not Guilty

    Dr. Conrad Murray charged with involuntary manslaughter in pop star's death

  2. Michael Jackson's Nurse, Pt. 3

    Greta's full interview with Cherilyn Lee

  3. Michael Jackson

    Dr. Wecht discusses autopsy outcome

  4. 'Spider-Man' Continues to Cast Web

    Michael Jackson's posthumous album, 'Tron' gets animated

  5. Controversial Reporting

    Has race become a factor in Michael Jackson coverage?

  6. Not the Daddy?

    Final pics of Michael Jackson emerge as questions about his paternity surface

  7. Geraldo's Take

    Are celebrities taking advantage of Michael Jackson's death?

  8. Not a Suspect?

    Attorney for Michael Jackson's doctor answers questions on 'FOX & Friends'

  9. Seeking Answers

    Family gets independent autopsy as questions about drugs in Michael Jackson's body swirl

  10. No Star Panel

    Alan Colmes and guests discuss Michael Jackson's memorial

  11. The 'King' of Debt?

    A look at Michael Jackson's finances at the time of his death

  12. Pointing Fingers

    Could 'enablers' face charges for Michael Jackson's death?

  1. Michael Jackson's Physician in Court

    Preliminary hearing will determine fate of manslaughter case

  2. Case Against Michael Jackson ’s Doctor

    Hearing underway

  3. Michael Jackson , 1958-2009

    Report: Michael Jackson dies in Los Angeles

  4. Michael Jackson's Nurse, Pt. 2

    Greta's full interview with Cherilyn Lee

  5. Michael Jackson Estate

    Judge denies mom's will request, thousands pick up memorial tickets

  6. Michael Jackson's Nurse, Pt. 1

    Greta's full interview with Cherilyn Lee

  7. Michael Jackson Autopsy

    Dr. Michael Baden on what we may expect from 'King of Pop's' autopsy report

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