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Justin Bieber

Did CBS Use Justin Bieber to Smear Tea Party?

Controversy over pop star's appearance on 'CSI'

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    What left panelists no choice but to turn to the bottle?

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    New York City mayor reveals mammoth misunderstanding of human nature

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    Justin Bieber's cinematic follow up; 'The Governator' gets animated

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    Royal Opera debuts 'Anna Nicole'; Justin Bieber is a cool 'Cat in the Hat'

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    Chinese-born piano prodigy performs for Presidents Obama, Hu

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    40 more minutes of Justin Bieber ; 50 Cent works 'Freelance'

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    'Little Fockers' cause box-office ruckus; three's a charm for Hugh Hefner

  8. Thursday's Halftime Report, Part 1

    TV's Andy Levy fears Justin Bieber has kidnapped Esperanza Spalding

  9. Download Your Favorite Tunes for Free

    New music service gives fans access to large database of songs

  10. Tuesday's Halftime Report, Part 1

    TV's Andy Levy explains where 'Oui' went wrong

  11. Marion Cotillard's 'Dark Knight'

    Movie lovers 'Just Go With It'; fans get feverish over Justin Bieber's surprise

  12. Thursday's Halftime Report, Part 2

    Andy Levy calls out Greg Gutfeld's research

  1. Justin Bieber Impersonates President Obama

    Pinheads & Patriots: 2/16

  2. Justin Bieber Calls U.S. 'Evil'

    Canadian cutie makes controversial comments in Rolling Stone

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    Pinheads & Patriots: 10/8

  4. Bieber Tries to Escape on Segway

    Fans chase Justin Bieber

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    Justin Bieber gets 'Punk'd;' 'Glee' won't be bullied

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  7. 411Music: Usher Domination

    R&B superstar now a global phenomenon

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