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Frank Sinatra

Michael Mania?

Calls for Jackson tribute ignite debate in Washington

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  2. Hollywood Nation: 7/16

    The Muppets get 'Feist-y'

  3. Always the 'King of Pop'

    A look at Michael Jackson's place in music history

  4. World Famous Patsy's

    How To: Enjoy dining at a world famous Italian restaurant

  5. Lips & Ears: 1/16

    Courtney Friel gets the goods from gossip titans Liz Smith and Perez Hilton

  6. Sour Note

    Capitol Records worried about nearby condo construction

  7. Backstreet's Back

    Backstreet Boys' Nick Carter and AJ McLean reflect on group's 15-year odyssey

  8. Sleepless In The Strat Room

    Author S.E. Cupp regales 'The Strategy Room' with tall tales about the executive producer and Lynda Carter

  9. Jeffrey Ross

    Comedian provides tips on the art of roasting

  10. After the Show Show: 12/4

    Kristin Chenoweth spreads holiday cheer

  11. Shingles Vaccine Facts

    Is the shingles vaccine safe for adults?

  12. Caller: 'I Would Hurry'

    911 calls from Hudson River collision

  1. 'Tim & Tom'

    New book tells story of first interracial comedy team

  2. Mozart for Babies

    Study: Premature babies who listen to Mozart grow faster

  3. Independent's Take on Fall Elections

    Sen. Joe Lieberman thinks independent voters will play a vital role in November

  4. Great Guitarist

    Elvis' longtime guitarist visits 'Huckabee'

  5. Toby Keith Goes 'On the Record'

    Country music superstar locks and loads with new CD, 'Bullets in the Gun'

  6. 'Factor' Flashback

    O'Reilly talks with Soupy Sales about his hit kids show

  7. Second Opinion?

    Jackson family orders second autopsy for King of Pop

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