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Bon Jovi

Man on a Mission

Bon Jovi trades mic for hammer in humanitarian effort

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  1. Country Music in the Cage

    Fight Game: Country music superstar Kenny Chesney visits Fight Game to talk about his latest album and the 'Priceless' campaign

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    Comedian Andy Borowitz joins Alan to give his hilarious take on today's news.

  1. America Becoming a Nation of Freeloaders?

    John Stossel says 'yes'

  2. Famous Fan

    Country music superstar Kenny Chesney is in New York City to see the All-Star Game at Yankee Stadium

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    What's next for Bon Jovi as they end year-long international tour?

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    'American Idol' finalists take on Carole King tunes

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    Alvin and the Chipmunks celebrate their 50th anniversary with new CD

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    Debate lightening round and closing statements