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  1. Grammy Gals

    Taylor and Beyonce win big, but who got grand prize?

  2. Did Salahi Lie About MS?

    Castmate says 'maybe,' she says 'no way!'

  3. Kanye Knows How George Bush Feels

    Rapper understands racist accusations

  4. WikiLeaks Sheds Light on Qaddafi's Reign

    Diplomatic cables detail lavish spending, bitter rivalries among Libyan leader's family

  5. The Social Network

    Ben Mezrich on how the movie compares to his book!

  6. Hollie on Hollywood: Dieting for a Role

    Has losing weight for a movie gone too far?

  7. 'Country Strong'

    Gwyneth Paltrow displays her vocal chops in new film

  8. Rockin' Inauguration

    Bono, Shakira, Springsteen among the few to rock out at Lincoln Memorial

  9. Filled With 'Glee'

    Hit Fox show changing face of music industry

  10. Hollywood's President?

    Washington, D.C. to roll out red carpet for Obama Inauguration

  11. Lady Gaga Says No to Sex

    Is the risque pop star's message too little too late?

  12. Little Big Town Performs 'Little White Church'

    Country vocal group rocks on 'Fox & Friends'

  1. Beyonce Dance Too Provocative?

    Allow girls to dance this way?

  2. Being Beyonce

    Singer chats about starring in 'Cadillac Records' and her new album

  3. Hollywood Nation: Another Jo Bro Goes Solo

    Steve Carell's new gig; Beyonce's new tattoos

  4. Hollywood Nation: Sacha Baron Cohen is a 'Dictator'

    Beyonce is fourth 'Star'; Lee DeWyze headlines Blue Collar Classic

  5. Mathew Knowles

    The father of entertainer Beyonce , he talks of the importance of reaching for your dreams.

  6. Hollywood Nation: 12/5

    Beyonce tops another list

  7. Great American Culture Quiz

    Steve Doocy and Martha MacCallum test their knowledge about Archie Bunker, Beyonce and more!

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