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Film File: 'Red Riding Hood'

'Twilight' director helms dark, teen-friendly version of classic tale

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  1. Wyclef Jean for President?

    Good year for Sandra Bullock's pocketbook and big news for 'Twilight' fans

  2. Obsessive Love

    Does 'Twilight' saga send wrong message to young girls?

  3. Hollywood Nation: 5/12

    Jessica Simpson's back on TV; Betty White goes for the gold and word's out on 'Twilight' soundtrack

  4. Hollywood Nation: 8/11

    'Twilight' fans get sneak peek at 'New Moon'

  5. Shopper's Market: Movie Mania

    Hollywood wants a piece of your family budget

  6. Hollywood Nation: 12/12

    Britney to embrace her crazy side?

  7. Jen Aniston Up for Worst Actress

    Actress nominated for a Razzie

  8. Tapped-In: Stupid Apps We Love

    4 more apps to bring on the fun

  9. Marvin's Minute: 12/1

    Hulk Hogan's new book hits shelves as he considers a new bride

  10. Big Screen Diets Causing Disorders?

    Experts warn that dramatic weight loss of stars like Natalie Portman, Christian Bale for film roles are dangerous to vulnerable fans

  11. Hollywood Nation: Shia LaBeouf Is Pretty in 'Pink'

    Olivia Wilde's 'family' drama; Mickey Rourke goes toothless

  12. On the Fox Lot: Aerosmith Exclusive

    Legendary rockers are back on the road

  1. Love at First Bite?

    Breaking down the 'Twilight' phenomenon

  2. Hollywood Nation: 12/7

    Fox is loving its 'Idols'; Taylor becomes a superhero and 'Twilight' glimmer dims

  3. Hollywood Nation: 11/18

    A dream come true for 'Twilight' fans

  4. Hollywood Nation: 11/24

    'Twilight's Twitterverse, Zac's 'Bond' ambition and Adam's 'Idol' trouble

  5. Hollywood Nation 3/11

    'Twilight' sinks its teeth into fans, Alvin is back and Gordon Gekko takes a nap

  6. Hollywood Nation: 12/4

    'Twilight' star ditches the fangs

  7. 'Vampires Suck'

    Big-screen spoof squeezes every drop of humor out of 'Twilight' craze

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