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The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Nothin' but Net: Thunder starting to come alive

Philadelphia, PA ( - The Oklahoma City Thunder are the NBA's forgotten giants.When Russell Westbrook went down with a knee injury in last season's playoffs, Kevin Durant and the Thunder had no chance to make the NBA Finals. It happened to be the Memphis Grizzlies in the second round who eliminated OKC, but if it wasn't Memphis, it would've been the San Antonio Spurs in the West Finals.No team can overcome the loss of a superstar, especially in May or June. The loss to the Grizzlies was nothing for the Thunder to be ashamed about. Injuries happen, it's just the timing that can hurt more than the physical pain.The loss hurt because the Thunder were legitimate title contenders. They lost the previous year to the Miami Heat in the Finals. They could've easily gotten back with a healthy Westbrook, but, as they say, that's how that goes.Fast-forward to training camp and the Thunder faced questions. Did they have that bench presence that James Harden and Kevin Martin provide...

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  1. Lips & Ears: 11/21

    Rumor has it: Jolie and Aniston have a new war over Brad; Oscar buzz for some holiday films; Beyonce wants 'in' at the inauguration

  2. New 'Tron' Makes Jeff Bridges Look New Again, Too

    Aren't computers neato?Hollywood has famously had better luck using makeup to make young actors look old -- like Russell Crowe in "A Beautiful Mind" -- than making o...

  3. Is Brad Pitt Pulling His Weight on His Movies?

    While Angelina Jolie was busy promoting her new action film “Salt” amid the craze of Comic-Con in San Diego last week, her longtime partner Brad Pitt was nowhere to ...

  4. On 70th birthday, Aretha Franklin's gift to fans: Reuniting with Clive Davis for new album

    Aretha Franklin has a lot more than her 70th birthday to celebrate: She's reuniting with one of her musical mentors, Clive Davis , for a new album.In an interview at...

  5. Stars' surprising first TV roles

    You may recognize these movie stars from their award-winning films and red carpet appearances, but did you know they all started out with some pretty minor roles on ...

  6. Mobile Tour Hits New Orleans' Movie Hot Spots

    Sitting near the New Orleans streetcar line aboard a van equipped with video screens and a speaker system, tourists watch actress Vivien Leigh ride the city's vintag...

  7. New Orleans Today

    As much as people here would like to move on, there's no getting around Hurricane Katrina—which not only devastated New Orleans, but also reshaped the rest of the wo...

  8. Chile: trapped miners get Brad Pitt, censored news

    They get laundry service, TV, three hot meals a day and even ice cream for dessert. Everyday life for the 33 miners trapped a half-mile underground now includes some...

  9. Vet pleads in Christmas '08 movie noise shooting

    An Iraq war veteran who shot a noisy moviegoer in Philadelphia on Christmas 2008 has pleaded guilty to aggravated assault.Thirty-one-year-old James Cialella could fa...

  10. Digital Domain Media Group IPO Set for This Week

    FBN's Dennis Kneale breaks down why investors should be wary of the Digital Domain IPO.

  11. Oscars' Boost to Movie Sales

    Former New Line Cinema VP of Finance Michael Spatt and Distribution Video & Audio Inc President Ryan Kugler discuss how much Oscar nominations and wins can boost a movie's revenue.

  12. Who Will Be Sued In Madoff Scandal?

    Duane Morris LLP Partner Marvin Pickholz discusses who might be sue in the Madoff scandal.

  1. How actress Agnes Bruckner went from B to DD to play Anna Nicole Smith

    It’s the ultimate bust-out role.Portraying tragic bombshell Anna Nicole Smith in the Lifetime biopic “Anna Nicole,” airing June 29, actress Agnes Bruckner goes from ...

  2. Film effects company DDMG plans Abu Dhabi studio

    The American special effects company that brought the "Transformers" movies to life and recently wowed concertgoers with a performing hologram of late rapper Tupac S...

  3. Film effects company DDMG plans Abu Dhabi studio

    The American special effects company that brought the "Transformers" movies to life and recently wowed concertgoers with a performing hologram of late rapper Tupac S...

  4. 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button'

    Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett star in epic love story

  5. Hollywood Nation: 12/11

    Jennifer Aniston leaves little to the imagination on the cover of GQ

  6. Aging in Hollywood

    Cast of 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button' share their views on longevity

  7. And the Nominees Are...

    81st Annual Academy Awards nominations

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