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Box Office

Box -Office Muscle

Hollywood insiders expect 'The Dark Knight' to break box - office records

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  1. New in Theaters

    'Little Fockers,' 'Country Strong' and 'Gulliver's Travels' on big screen this weekend

  2. Sly Returns With Some Muscle

    On the Fox Lot: All-action hero team watches Stallone's back

  3. Film File: 'Insidious'

    Family fights evil spirits in psychological fright fest

  4. Hollywood Hiring

    TV and film job outlook looking bright

  5. Removing Cigarettes From Movies

    Report: CDC suggests movies with smoking in them be stamped with R-rating

  6. 'Megamind'

    Evil genius uses his powers for good in kid-friendly animated film

  7. Hollywood Nation: Joaquin Phoenix Is 'Still Here'

    Oprah's Down Under giveaway and Jennifer Lopez's 'Idol' rumors

  8. Globes' Red Carpet Cuties

    Who cleaned up best?

  9. Hollywood Nation: 'Saw 3D' Cuts Deep

    University teaches Lady Gaga 101; 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang' takes flight again

  10. 'Angelina: An Unauthorized Biography'

    Author speaks on controversial biography

  11. On the Fox Lot: Aerosmith Exclusive

    Legendary rockers are back on the road

  12. CDC: Smoking in Movies Poses Hazard

    Suggests anti-smoking measures for films

  1. Fox 411: Box Office ’s Decline

    Movie theaters see a dramatic decline in box office sales

  2. Hollywood Nation: 'Wimpy Kid' Bullies Box Office

    'Superman' love interest picked; 'X-Factor' auditions break record SHT:

  3. Hollywood Nation: 'Hornet' Stings

    Seth Rogen tops box office ; Bond heading to Dubai

  4. Hollywood Nation: 'Glee' Star Heads to Dollywood

    'Little Fockers' cause box - office ruckus; three's a charm for Hugh Hefner

  5. SAG Awards and Fox 411 Headlines

    Allison McGevna joins us to give the inside scoop on the winners and losers from the Screen Actors Guild Awards

  6. Midday Market Report: 10/18

    Citigroup see gains for the third straight quarter

  7. New in Theaters: 1/3

    Independent films take the spotlight

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