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After The Show Show: Bigfoot Debunked

The gang debates new a Bigfoot video

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  1. Big Hoax

    'Bigfoot' body turns out to be Halloween costume

  2. More Order in the Court

    Part 2: Kelly's Court names dumbest cases and worst mugshots of 2008

  3. Beneath the Deep Abyss

    Is Louisiana's Honey Island Swamp inhabited by its own monster?

  4. Financial Reform Law Unconstitutional?

    TCF suing government over debit-card fees

  5. True Cost of Copenhagen

    Congressional price tag for climate change summit raises eyebrows

  6. Pig In Boots

    Young pig overcomes mud phobia

  7. Graveyard of the Atlantic?

    An in-depth look at the Bermuda Triangle from a man who says he experienced the phenomenon