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Ultimate Fighting Championship

MMA Debate

Fight Game: Mike Straka and the Strategy Room debate on the economy, MMA leagues

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  1. UFC 109 Preview

    Fox Fight Game, Round 2: Panel looks at Coleman vs. Couture and Serra vs. Trigg at UFC 109

  2. 'Bible of MMA'

    Fight Game: Sports Illustrated columnist's indelible inside-look into growing world of MMA

  3. Affliction vs UFC

    Fight Game: Competing fight leagues go head to head on the same night to win MMA viewers, Rampage Jackson arrested for 'hit and run'

  4. Randy Couture on UFC 86

    Fight Game: MMA legend Randy Couture discusses how Forrest Griffin defeated Rampage Jackson for the light heavyweight championship

  5. UFC 100: TapouT Part 2

    FOX Fight Game: Punkass and Skyscrape take over the interview with NFL player Lamar Woodley

  6. Chuck Liddell is Center Stage

    Fox Fight Game, Round 1: Chuck Liddell is bringing the UFC and MMA into households everywhere through 'Dancing With the Stars' and 'The Simpsons'

  7. Fight Game Fashion

    Macrus Mera presents the lifestyle side of MMA

  8. Economy in the Octagon

    Fight Game: UFC heads Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta say bad economy boosts MMA sales

  9. 'The Original Ultimate Fighter'

    Fight Game: UFC president Dana White on Forrest Griffin's win at UFC 86, future of 'The Ultimate Fighter' reality show and ESPY's for MMA

  10. Big in Japan?

    Fight Game, Round 4: Marcus Mera shares his MMA experiences from Japan

  11. Strikeforce Plays Ball

    Fox Fight Game, Round 1: Alison Haislip joins panel, talks Strikeforce, Herschel Walker, ex-pro athletes and conversion to MMA

  12. Building the Best, Part 2

    FOX Fight Game: Trainer Firas Zahabi talks training GSP, muy thai, team mentality and challenging Thiago Alves at UFC 100

  1. UFC 87 Delivers!

    Fight Game: Three greats wins and three surprising losses conquer UFC 87

  2. FOX Fight Game

    Preview of UFC 86 with Forrest Griffin and Rampage Jackson in Las Vegas

  3. It's Miller Time

    Fight Game: Brothers Dan and Jim Miller get the call up to the majors with UFC contract and talk with Mike Straka.

  4. Octagon in Print

    UFC stars featured in 65 pound photo book

  5. UFC 100: MMA Fashion

    FOX Fight Game: Jerry Nappy introduces new MMA kidswear and women's clothing

  6. UFC Goes 'Topps'

    Fox Fight Game, Round 2: Topps and UFC release MMA trading cards, a huge success on secondary market

  7. UFC 101: Actor Terry Crews

    FOX Fight Game: 'Gamer' star on UFC 101, NFL players converting to MMA