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Frankie Edgar

UFC Goes 'Topps'

Fox Fight Game, Round 2: Topps and UFC release MMA trading cards, a huge success on secondary market

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  1. Affliction vs UFC

    Fight Game: Competing fight leagues go head to head on the same night to win MMA viewers, Rampage Jackson arrested for 'hit and run'

  2. Is Fedor Truly the Best?

    FOX Fight Game, Round 1: Panel weighs in on Fedor vs. Rogers; was fight stopped early, is Fedor truly the best?

  3. Rasing Cain

    HW Cain Velasquez on Brock Lesnar and what's next for the heavyweight class

  1. Chuck Liddell is Center Stage

    Fox Fight Game, Round 1: Chuck Liddell is bringing the UFC and MMA into households everywhere through 'Dancing With the Stars' and 'The Simpsons'

  2. MMA World Expo in NYC

    Fox Fight Game, Round 3: MMA comes to NYC in the form of a major expo at the Jacob Javits Center

  3. Strikeforce Plays Ball

    Fox Fight Game, Round 1: Alison Haislip joins panel, talks Strikeforce, Herschel Walker, ex-pro athletes and conversion to MMA

  4. UFC 100 Update 7/8

    FOX Fight Game: Dani Schatz with the latest news from UFC 100

  5. MMA Fight for the Troops, Part 3

    FOX Fight Game, Round 3: Capt. Lee Stuckey and Monica Sanford on the noble cause of bringing mixed martial arts to U.S. troops in Iraq

  6. Team Tompkins Joins TapouT

    Fox Fight Game: MMA trainer Shawn Tompkins creates new brand, team within luxurious TapouT Training Center

  7. TapouT News Hit

    MMA ratings overdeliver as Dan Hardy and Randy Couture fight on free TV