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Mark David Chapman

Mark David Chapman 'embarrassed' by John Lennon murder; says he thought about killing Johnny Carson or George C. Scott

John Lennon's killer told a parole board that as a Christian, he is "embarrassed" over his crime, and that he could have just as easily gone after Johnny Carson or George C. Scott.The new details came out at Mark David Chapman’s seventh hearing, which took place on Aug. 22. The transcript was released Wednesday, after the Beatle killer was denied parole and ordered to remain at Wende Correctional Facility in western New York.Chapman told the board he was living in Hawaii when he decided to kill Lennon “because he was very famous.” He also thought about killing late-night TV host Johnny Carson and actor George C. Scott.“If [Lennon] was less famous than three or four other people on the list, he would not have been shot,” Chapman told the board.Lennon was gunned down at the entrance to his Manhattan apartment building on Dec. 8, 1980. Chapman recounted how he staked out the building, and even approached the rock and roll legend earlier in the day for an autograph.“He was very kind to me,...

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