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Arkansas College Offers Gender-Neutral Housing

Change takes effect next fall despite Methodist church affiliation

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  1. Getting People Back in the Pews

    How can churches recover from falling attendance and decreased funding?

  2. Churches Open Doors to Muslims

    Muslim worshippers given temporary spaces for prayers

  3. Doritos in Hot Water?

    Doritos pulls ad from Super Bowl contest for allegedly being anti-Christian

  4. Florida Judge Orders Use of Islamic Law

    Peter Johnson Jr. weighs in

  5. Inaugural Oath Flap

    Atheist group challenges swearing in prayer at presidential inauguration

  6. Negative Christianity?

    Head of one of America's largest churches blames membership drop on negative message

  7. Controversy Over Planned Military Concert

    Is Fort Bragg Christian concert an unconstitutional gathering?

  8. Father Knows Best

    Father Jonathan Morris answers Christianity's toughest questions

  9. Finding Faith on the Web

    More people are choosing the internet as an alternative to a physical church

  10. The Roots of Social Justice

    Is your church preaching the Gospel or socialism?

  11. Saturday's Halftime Report

    TV's Andy Levy reviews Radiohead's new album

  12. Beck: Open Forum

    'Glenn Beck Program' viewers on what they've learned so far

  1. Insight into the Evangelical Church

    Author Bradley R.E. Wright explains the media doesn't portray an accurate image of the church

  2. California Church Helps Japanese Victims

    Reverend hopes to send volunteers to assist in recovery

  3. Church Group to Help in Japan

    Sacramento pastor prepares relief team

  4. Does Faith Make You Fat?

    New study compares the weight of those who attend religious events to those who don't

  5. Talking Points: 7/9

    God, global warming and President Obama

  6. Church Search

    Is Rev. Wright scandal impacting President Obama's decision on new house of worship?

  7. Walking Away

    Anne Rice, author of The Vampire Chronicles, tells Alan why she recently decided to quit being a Christian

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