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Muslim Holidays

Fast for Ramadan

Learn how to fast for Ramadan in the correct - and healthiest - manner

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  1. Mosque Controversy Reaches White House

    All-Star panel on how president's involvement in issue will impact midterm elections

  2. Entire Jon Stewart Interview

    Full, unedited video of Jon Stewart on 'The O'Reilly Factor'

  3. Jingle Hell?

    Sheriff Joe Arpaio tells Alan why he's forcing prisoners to listen to Christmas music non-stop this holiday season.

  4. Death Count Rising

    Col. Hunt reacts to tragic bombing at Marriott Hotel in Islamabad

  5. Muslim Woman Accuses Disneyland of Discrimination

    Employee files federal complaint after claiming she can't wear headscarf at work

  6. Christian Churches Open Doors to Muslims

    Neighborly duty or affirmation and endorsement?

  7. Obama Speaks Out on Ground Zero Mosque

    Lou Dobbs rates president's controversial remarks on one of the nation's most heated issues

  8. Allah Aboard

    Imam accused of terror ties defends subway ad blitz explaining 'true nature of Islam'

  9. Devestating Floods in Pakistan

    Millions of Pakistanis are affected by the disaster, World Vision's Laura Blank weighs in

  10. Discrimination at Disneyland?

    Muslim employee suing after being barred from wearing hijab at work

  11. Beck: Why the Mideast Matters

    Is the Obama administration fundamentally transforming our relationship with Israel?

  12. Kilmeade and Coulter

    Ann Coulter on Iraq and Afghanistan

  1. Team Does Overnights During Ramadan

    Coach defends overnight football practices

  2. Escalating Holiday Terror

    Lt. Col. Ralph Peters (Ret) talks about possible attacks

  3. Football in the Dark Fair to All?

    High School holds nighttime practice to accommodate Ramadan

  4. Arab Soap Operas Push Muslim Norms to the Limit

    For Arab TV producers, the Muslim holy month of Ramadan is equivalent to American sweeps months

  5. Beck: The Hindenburg Omen

    Are storm clouds gathering for stock market crash?

  6. After the Show Show: 12/5

    Get to know the FOX & Friends anchors when they let their hair down!

  7. Obama Enters Dangerous Territory

    Charles Krauthammer on president injecting himself into Ground Zero mosque controversy

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