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Understanding the Mormon Faith

Mormon .org seeks to educate Americans about the mainly unknown religious sect

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  1. Walking Away

    Anne Rice, author of The Vampire Chronicles, tells Alan why she recently decided to quit being a Christian

  2. Dangerous Dad

    Father who shot son's mother in the face then kidnapped him dies in car crash

  3. Saturday's Halftime Report

    TV's Andy Levy opens fishing camp for older female cats

  4. Ron Swoboda

    Legendary Mets outfielder in the Clubhouse

  5. Who Will Leave Qaddafi's Inner Circle Next?

    Report: More Libyan officials considering defecting

  6. Does Faith Make You Fat?

    New study compares the weight of those who attend religious events to those who don't

  7. 'Dog's' New Hunt

    Duane 'Dog' Chapman chasing down a child rapist fugitive

  8. 'The Greatest Things in Life'

    Pastor Rick Warren shares words of wisdom for upcoming holiday season

  9. After the Show Show: 5/16

    4Troops perform 'Galveston' after the show

  1. Hourly Update

    Get hourly updated headlines from FOX News Channel

  2. Safe and Sound

    Reed Flake shares his joy as missing 3-year-old son is found in Illinois

  3. Bias Bash: War in Libya

    Mainstream media's differing opinions of Libyan war

  4. Broadway's Spring Revue

    What can you look forward to in the upcoming broadway season?

  5. Shopper's Market: Broadway Bonanza

    Great White Way pulling out all the stops for 2011

  6. Mock Mars Mission Gathering Data

    8-month long experiment for potential future visit to Red Planet

  7. Hanks Attacks

    Hollywood heavyweight blasts Mormons for backing Prop 8