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Memorial Day

Meaning of Memorial Day

Honoring men, women in the military who died serving their country

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    Do Caylee investigators have enough evidence of a murder?

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    Workers in foul mood after Tyson Foods drops Labor Day for Muslim holiday

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  1. Holocaust Memorial Day

    More than six decades after the Holocaust, relations between Germany and Israel are much different. Israeli President, Shimon Peres addressed the German Parliament-- a sign of a new day and peace between the two countries. Fox's Mike Tobin reports.

  2. Common Sense: 5/23

    What we need to remember this Memorial Day

  3. Schools Make Up Snow Days on MLK Day

    South Carolina state lawmaker speaks out against opening schools on holiday

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    Spiking oil prices to blame

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    Home Depot's painting tips and techniques

  6. Here We Go Again

    Another U.S. holiday, another North Korea missile test

  7. 'Deep Ignorance'

    Gov. Palin trashed in Vanity Fair

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